Mission Critical Databases

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Upgrading large PostgreSQL Databases: a task for world-renowned experts

We got an excellent training on the job and during short interspersed tutorials, and could easily proceed ourselves on the newly gained, sound knowledge. 2ndQuadrant‘s friendly consultant delivered an extremely good job. Within only one week, he helped us migrate our four historically grown PostgreSQL servers, differing in respect to Linux platforms, PostgreSQL installation sources, and extensions, to a new, consolidated server landscape, and set up a centralised backup scheme based on Barman. He acted very flexibly according to the ever-changing daily work in our scientific computing department, and had competent answers to any questions that would arise.

Christian Schäfer-Neth Deputy Head of IT infrastructure, AWI


The Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) is an internationally recognized institute known for expertise in polar and marine research. AWI operates on a variety of research stations which constantly collect an enormous amount of data.

As the demand presented itself, AWI invested in various PostgreSQL versions and operating systems for their applications. This decision inevitably led to a complex database infrastructure where a mixture of different PostgreSQL and OS versions were rarely working in sync.

Read more about how 2ndQuadrant helped AWI set up an homogenous PostgreSQL and OS versions environment with a standardized backup plan.

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