Whitepaper: AlwaysOn Postgres

This whitepaper discusses the scenarios when designing an 'Always On' architecture for PostgreSQL. It looks at the desirable features and benefits of delivering geographically distributed, AlwaysOn Postgres in a business environment. This architecture is based on ground-breaking BDR technology – exclusively developed by 2ndQuadrant.

Topics covered in this whitepaper:



Geographically Distributed Clusters

A solution that is designed for geographically distributed databases, providing the flexibility to choose between “eager” and “efficient” modes. 



AlwaysOn Architecture

A solution that presents high availability for your PostgreSQL database(s) providing up to 5 nines of availability.


Rolling Upgrades

A solution that gives keeps your PostgreSQL instances updated all the time, without the need for matching configuration, CPU architecture, or software versions among the master nodes, allowing one-by-one upgrades with zero downtime.




Point-in-Time Recovery (PITR)

A solution allowing any node to be backed up from any node in a cluster and then restored using Point-In-Time Recovery.