Whitepaper: AlwaysOn Postgres

This whitepaper discusses achieving AlwaysOn availability in PostgreSQL using BDR - the groundbreaking technology from 2ndQuadrant. AlwaysOn guarantees up to six 9s of availability for worldwide PostgreSQL database clusters running mission critical business applications.


Topics covered in this whitepaper:



Architecture. Trusted PostgreSQL Architecture (TPA) designed to provide rapid switchover using asynchronous multi-master clusters with shadow nodes.





Worldwide Clusters. Geographically distributed databases with geofencing capabilities and flexibility for the latency- consistency trade-off.




Disaster Recovery. Point-in-Time Recovery (PITR) for entire cluster backups taken in every region, to guarantee full disaster recovery capability.





Rolling Upgrades. Node-by-node upgrades for software as well as schema without bringing the cluster down, maintaining AlwaysOn availability.



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