Mission Critical Databases

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Just like being able to phone a friend, it’s reassuring to know we can put a ticket into 2ndQuadrant at any time. Depending on where we are in the production cycle, one day of outage could cost us $0.5million. That simply can’t happen.

Justen Marshall Software Development Manager, Animal Logic


BDR and 2ndQuadrant Support chosen by global award-winning digital creative studio

Animal Logic creates groundbreaking animation and visual effects, producing complex computer-based animations of worldwide success.

Animal Logic has been using PostgreSQL as a core database technology for many years. With an established studio in Sydney and a new studio in Vancouver, the team started to investigate the options available to them to establish a globally distributed database infrastructure.

Although total faith remained in PostgreSQL, the core product did not offer the replication functionality the team required. Animal Logic identified BDR as a candidate solution for multi-master replication.

Find out how BDR combined with 2ndQuadrant Support service, helped this award-winning studio achieve a highly efficient management of their data.

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