Mission Critical Databases

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“The goal of having platinum support was very simple – to serve as a backup and safety mechanism for the internal team at BenchPrep. This allowed the team the ability to work with the professionals at 2ndQuadrant and figure out what we should be tuning and tweaking continuously with regards to the Postgres configuration and also with regards to errors and issues. This ensures that we have a very efficient, responsive, and professional team ready to be accessed any time we need. It provided us with the safety net that we needed to have as we were dealing with a large volume of users and enterprise customers.”

Nickolay Schwarz CTO BenchPrep


Scaling Infrastructure through Performance Tuning and Highly Available Postgres Clusters.

BenchPrep is a Chicago-based learning success platform which allows organizations to offer test preparation and continued learning programs to users across the globe.

Over the past few years, due to exponential increase in the demand for online training, the number of organizations using BenchPrep for their learning needs grew significantly. The platform, which was originally based on a single Postgres database, started to have performance issues due to the unexpected load. Downtime increased and the cost of serving customers skyrocketed.

BenchPrep engaged 2ndQuadrant for support after conducting thorough research on companies offering PostgreSQL DBA consultancy services.

Find out how 2ndQuadrant recommended solutions to help BenchPrep scale their infrastructure and provide unmatched learning experience to its customers.

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