Eliminating Database Downtime

If a company happens to lose an application server, they might get another one, however losing a database is a significantly serious issue.

Simon Riggs, founder and CTO 2ndQuadrant


2ndQuadrant among 20 Most Promising IBM Service Providers for 2019 

Eliminating database downtime is crucial for any enterprise. Companies managing financial services, such as banks and online payments providers, insurance, healthcare and telecommunications services providers, are just some examples of companies for which 2ndQuadrant offers 24/7 Support and other services for their PostgreSQL databases.

CIOReview has acknowledged in their latest article 2ndQuadrant's top-class services for PostgreSQL database systems, including the complex Z Platform from IBM, and the commitment to the PostgreSQL project for the past 18+ years.

They also give an overview of the solutions offered by 2ndQuadrant to eliminate database downtime:

  • 24/7 Support
  • RDBA
  • Highly Available Postgres Clusters
  • AlwaysOn Postgres

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