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Webinar: Cloud Native BDR and PostgreSQL

Cloud-Native PostgreSQL is a Kubernetes operator that allows you to use the open-source PostgreSQL database with your Cloud Native applications.

Cloud-Native BDR is a multi-master database system based on PostgreSQL and designed for Kubernetes 1.15+ that thanks to the WriteAnywhere architecture, allows your applications to reach up to 6-nines uptime availability in a year.

Cloud-Native BDR is based on Cloud Native PostgreSQL, both are built on solid concepts and principles such as immutable infrastructure, declarative configuration and application containers.

This webinar explored how our operators adapt to public/private/hybrid environments, how core features such self-healing, high-availability, scalability and updates work, and - last but not least - what our DevSecOps culture and processes have produced in the area of security.

Are you looking forward to using BDR and PostgreSQL in a Cloud Native environment based on Kubernetes? This webinar is the perfect opportunity for you to see where Cloud-Native BDR and Cloud-Native PostgreSQL products developed by 2ndQuadrant stand and how they can be integrated in your Kubernetes workloads.


Webinar - Cloud Native BDR and PostgreSQL

About the Speaker:

Gabriele Bartolini is the Head of Global Support at 2ndQuadrant and managing director of the Italian office as well as an active member of the international PostgreSQL community and local ITPUG. His commitment is to consistently contribute to the growth of 2ndQuadrant and its members through nurturing a Lean and DevOps culture.