Mission Critical Databases

Webinar: Collations: Introduction, Features, Problems

The sort order of text in an SQL database is influenced by so-called collations. These usually work behind the scenes, but they offer a number of interesting customization possibilities, while also being a potential source of operational problems and user confusion.

In this webinar, Peter Eisentraut covered the following topics:

  • How modern collations work
  • What the role of Unicode is.
  • Which variants and customization options are available, such as language-specific collation and case insensitivity, and how PostgreSQL implements those.
  • Relevant development projects for future PostgreSQL versions.
  • How collations affect the management of databases, specially upgrades.


Webinar- Collations - Introduction, Features, Problems by Peter Eisentraut - HUBSPOT

Peter Eisentraut is a Core Team Member of the PostgreSQL project and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at 2ndQuadrant. Peter is also a Debian developer, open-source hacker, and an occasional book author.