Webinar: COMMIT Without Fear - The Beauty of CAMO


Postgres BDR has seen exciting growth in the financial services and telecommunications industries. These industries present a new set of challenges that push the limits of Postgres Synchronous COMMIT features for highly available clusters. 

This talk explored the Postgres Synchronous COMMIT deployment models and discussed the limitations associated with them. The talk also introduced a Postgres BDR feature called CAMO (Commit At Most Once) and how it overcomes the limitations of Synchronous COMMIT in Postgres. 

Postgres BDR CAMO is a critical feature in supporting zero data loss, five 9s of availability, and ensures that your transactions are committed once and only once. How and why this feature is used in the Payment industry and other industries were presented in this webinar. 


Tom Kincaid

General Manager, North America

Tom Kincaid has been developing, deploying, and supporting Database Systems and Enterprise Software for over 25 years. He has overseen the design and delivery of numerous Postgres training solutions along with the deployment of PostgreSQL at both major Fortune 100 financial institutions and military facilities all over the world.

Teams under Tom's management have delivered major features that have since become part of PostgreSQL core. He has overseen the design and successful delivery of High Availability products for PostgreSQL and other types of databases. Tom is the founder of the Boston PostgreSQL Meetup group, which has grown to over 130 members in under 3 years.

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