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Webinar: Enhancing Postgres High Availability

Postgres High Availability isn't just about putting together the right pieces. We should also consider the following:

  • Why did we choose those components? 
  • What can go wrong? 
  • How do we prevent edge cases from ruining our day?
  • Can we possibly build a cluster that's "Always On" in the face of Network Partitions, Split Brain, and other looming specters?
  • Can Multi Master play a role?

Following in the footsteps of the previous webinar by Martin Marqués, Achieving High Availability with PostgreSQL, this webinar answered all of those questions and more.



Hubspot Preview - Enhancing PostgreSQL High Availability-2

About the speaker:

Shaun has been working with PostgreSQL since late 2000 and has expertise in topics such as handling extreme throughput, High Availability, server redundancy, failover techniques, system monitoring, and cluster management. He is the author of the PostgreSQL High Availability Cookbook, which he wrote to make life easier on DBAs using PostgreSQL in Enterprise environments. 

Shaun currently works as a principal consultant at 2ndQuadrant and maintains his PG Phriday blog through the 2ndQuadrant blog site. Ultimately, he wants to prove PostgreSQL is more than ready for major installations.