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Webinar: Fantastic Data Types and Where to Use Them

PostgreSQL has fantastic data types such as ENUM, ARRAY, and JSON, to name a few. These data types were added to cover use cases that were not easily solved with the existing types. Due to their post-relational nature, they remain unusual and even strange to some developers, but once you learn them, you can create unexpected solutions to specific use cases.

For instance, ENUM types are extremely good defining constraints to column values, providing a more descriptive design of your business model. JSON objects can store a variable amount of fields where it is not possible to define traditional tables.

In this webinar, we explored use cases where these data types provide natural and explicit solutions.


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About the Speaker: 

Boriss Mejías is a PostgreSQL consultant and trainer. He has been working with PostgreSQL since version 9.1. First as part of his job related to other projects, and now with full dedication since he joined 2ndQuadrant in 2017.

He has a background as a teaching assistant and researcher on self-managing distributed systems and distributed transactional algorithms. 

In open-source and free software, Boriss has contributed to the Mozart-Oz programming language and the Alfresco community. He is currently coordinating the PostgreSQL User Group in Belgium.