Webinar: Managing and Monitoring PostgreSQL Clusters with OmniDB


Date & Time: Wed, 14 October 2020 at 4pm UTC

This webinar will cover key features available in OmniDB and the many ways it can help a DBA manage PostgreSQL.

You will learn why OmniDB is an effective workspace to tame and optimize PostgreSQL clusters, with easy and secure access to data, system health, and customizations. And all this, unified in the flavor of your preference: web-browser solution with access to multiple DBAs or a single ready-to-use desktop app installed on your working station.

Major topics that will be discussed are:

  1. Introduction to OmniDB
  2. Key features available
  3. Extensibility with hooks and plugins
  4. Development roadmap

Felipe Castro

PostgreSQL Developer

Felipe Castro is a Core Team Member of the OmniDB project and a remote DBA at 2ndQuadrant. He is also a developer member of Sentinel, 2ndQuadrant’s monitoring system.

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