Mission Critical Databases

Webinar: MVCC and Vacuum Basics in PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL uses MVCC to handle concurrent clients through snapshots instead of locks. This lets the server handle a larger amount of transaction load. In this webinar, Martín talked about how MVCC works in PostgreSQL, the pros and cons that come from it, and why VACUUM and FREEZE are very common words in the PostgreSQL community. The following topics were covered:

  • Overview of MVCC.
  • What “xmin” and “xmax” system columns store?
  • Usage of “VACUUM” for clean up.
  • “autovacuum” for automated clean-up.
  • Visibility of rows, frozen rows and “VACUUM FREEZE”.


Webinar- MVCC and Vacuum Basics in PostgreSQL by Martin Marques - HUBSPOT

Martín Marqués works as Deputy Head of Support at 2ndQuadrant. He has a Bachelors in Mathematics, and started using Linux and Open Source software in 1997. Since 2000, he's been working as a DBA, database programmer, and web programmer, with PostgreSQL as the main database of choice. He is a regular speaker at Open Source software conferences in South America and Europe. One of his main roles within the local PostgreSQL community is to run training for several agencies of the state, universities, and the general public.