Webinar: PostgreSQL continuous backup and PITR with Barman

Wednesday, June 10, 2020 at 4pm UTC

How can you achieve an RPO of 5 minutes for the backups of my PostgreSQL databases? And what about RPO=0 for zero data loss backups?

This webinar will give you an answer to those questions, by providing an overview of Disaster Recovery of PostgreSQL databases with Barman, covering its major features and showing a live demo.

Barman, Backup and Recovery Manager for PostgreSQL, is an open source tool that was conceived by 2ndQuadrant about 10 years ago and released open source in 2012 under GNU GPL 3.

It is now one of the most popular backup and recovery tools in the PostgreSQL ecosystem.


Gabriele Bartolini

Head of Global Support

Gabriele is the Head of Global Support at 2ndQuadrant and managing director of the Italian office as well as an active member of the international PostgreSQL community and local ITPUG. His commitment is to consistently contribute to the growth of 2ndQuadrant and its members through nurturing a Lean and DevOps culture.

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