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Webinar: PostgreSQL deployments & TPAexec

TPAexec is an orchestration tool that uses Ansible to build Postgres clusters that follow Trusted Postgres Architecture(TPA).

TPA is a set of recommendations from 2ndQuadrant about how to set up a Postgres cluster in various scenarios. These represent the best practices followed by 2ndQuadrant, and are as applicable to quick testbed setups as to production environments.

TPAexec provides a number of distinct architectures that can be used to successfully provision and deploy working clusters for PostgreSQL, 2ndQuadrant Postgres, BDR and Postgres-XL on platforms including AWS, Bare Metal, Docker, LXD and Vagrant.

In this webinar, we discussed how TPAexec is designed to make life simpler in terms of PostgreSQL cluster deployments.


Webinar Preview - PG Deployments & TPAexec

About the Speaker:

Part of 2ndQuadrant and PostgreSQL family, Muhammad Haroon has been working with PostgreSQL ecosystem and open source for about a decade and a half. He works in all areas of PostgreSQL ranging from development, support, consulting, professional services and configuration management. He talks regularly at conferences and delivers PostgreSQL trainings. He also conducts regular sessions at Islamabad PostgreSQL User Group. He has presented on many topics including High Availability, Performance Tuning, Disaster Recovery and Bi-Directional Replication. In his free time, he likes to play with his kids, explore nature and travel