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Webinar: Tuple Freezing & Transaction Wrap Around Through Pictures

The Postgres Implementation of Multi-Version Concurrency Control has many technical advantages and strengths. However, if you are deploying a large database, with a heavy write update, insert and delete workload the concepts around Transaction Wrap around are very important to understand so proper design, monitoring and administration decisions can be made.

Through a series of diagrams, pictures and animations, this talk gave an overview of the Postgres MVCC architecture. Using the same approach, this talk then went into technical details around the meaning and dangers associated with Transaction wrap around and the role Tuple Freezing plays in avoiding serious outage events.

The webinar concluded with recommendations on how to properly tune monitor and design for the issue associated with Transaction wrap around and Tuple Freezing.


Tuple Freezing & Transaction Wrap Around Through Pictures by Tom Kincaid & Andrew Dunstan

About the Speakers:
Tom Kincaid
has been developing, deploying, and supporting Database Systems and Enterprise Software for over 25 years. He has overseen the design and delivery of numerous Postgres training solutions along with the deployment of PostgreSQL at both major Fortune 100 financial institutions and military facilities all over the world. He is the founder of the Boston PostgreSQL Meetup group, which has grown to over 130 members in under 3 years.


Andrew Dunstan has been involved with PostgreSQL since his first contribution in 2003. In 2004 he created the PostgreSQL Build Farm system, which he has maintained ever since. In 2005 he was made a core committer of the PostgreSQL project. Andrew has contributed many features to PostgreSQL including dollar quoting, CSV import and export, PL/Perl enhancements, CSV logging, parallel pg_restore and enum extensibility.