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Webinar: Understanding the PostgreSQL table page layout

The PostgreSQL database does a splendid job of managing your persistent data. It does so by using files on your regular file systems even. Ever wondered how PostgreSQL actually stores your data in tables? What about the indexes? Where and how are they stored?

This webinar explored how to understand the PostgreSQL table page layout better.

Additional topics covered were:

  • How does PostgreSQL cope with large multi-GB sized tables?
  • What happens when we do an INSERT, UPDATE or a DELETE on a row?
  • How about large rows?
  • How does TOAST work?


Preview Webinar - Understanding the PostgreSQL Table Page Layout by Nikhil Sontakke-HS

About the Speaker:

Nikhil Sontakke is a PostgreSQL Consultant at 2ndQuadrant. He is a long time PostgreSQL developer and has contributed features and bug fixes to various releases of  PostgreSQL. He is also a frequent speaker at various international PostgreSQL conferences.

Before joining 2ndQuadrant, Nikhil was part of the founding teams of a few PostgreSQL based startups.

Nikhil is also the co-organizer of the Indian PostgreSQL User Group. This group organizes PGConf India which is one of the largest PostgreSQL conferences in the Asian region.