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Webinar: Highway to Zero Downtime PostgreSQL Upgrades

In the past, major upgrades of terabyte size PostgreSQL databases required extended downtime or great amounts of work. With logical decoding, a whole new world of opportunities appeared for upgrades that require a very small amount of downtime.

This webinar gave a comprehensive overview of how to perform a “near” zero downtime upgrade using pglogical, but also covered small things which, if not taken care of in time, can end up in an extended upgrade, or worse, in a failed one.


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About the Speaker: 

Martín Marqués is a Mathematician that started using Linux and Open Source software in the ’90s when he became a System Administrator. Since 2000, he's been working as a DBA, database programmer, and web programmer, with PostgreSQL as the main database of choice. He is a regular speaker at Open Source software conferences in South America and in Europe.

One of his main roles within the local PostgreSQL community is to run training for government agencies, universities, local and global customers and the general public. For more than 7 years Martín has been working as a Senior Support Engineer as well as a Consultant at 2ndQuadrant. And for the last two years, he has been in charge of the company’s Support Operations