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Fireside Chat: Importance of Professional Support while using PostgreSQL

An insightful session on the “Importance of Professional Support when using PostgreSQL” with Simon Riggs and Tom Kincaid was held on May 5, 2020. Tom hosted the Fireside Chat with Simon Riggs and discussed how 2ndQuadrant is disrupting the tech industry with its 24/7 PostgreSQL Support Service.

The speakers discussed:

  • Why PostgreSQL?
  • Why enterprises need Support with PostgreSQL
  • What’s covered in PostgreSQL Support
  • How does the PostgreSQL community help
  • What is break-fix support and how is it different from others?
  • Why are SLAs important
  • How much downtime can cost an enterprise

and much more... 


Fireside Chat- Importance of Professional Support when using PostgreSQL with Simon Riggs-Tom Kincaid