Mission Critical Databases

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It is now the expectation to select PostgreSQL over Oracle for a range of use-cases, with PostgreSQL becoming our preferred technology choice.

James Tomkins Data Services Portfolio Technical Lead, Met Office


Global leader in climate science chooses PostgreSQL and 2ndQuadrant's 24/7 Support

The UK-based Met Office is a global leader in weather and climate science. It is a significant consumer of IT, utilising some of the most powerful computing technology available.  

The Met Office began evaluating database management systems in use, with the goal of reducing costs and introducing flexibility in terms of platform development and special requirements. PostgreSQL was identified as a potential alternative to Oracle DB, and 2ndQuadrant was chosen as a support partner, to provide guidance, training and support.

Discover why the Met Office has chosen PostgreSQL as their backend database and how 2ndQuadrant's experts have supported them for success.

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