Mission Critical Databases

Managed BDR in the Cloud - 60 Day Trial

BDR Trial in the Cloud

Advanced Clustering & Scaling for PostgreSQL

BDR from 2ndQuadrant presents true high availability for mission critical databases running on PostgreSQL, across various industry verticals such as financial services, digital payments, and more, providing up to 6 nines of availability.

The BDR in the Cloud Trial includes:

  • Ready-to-use Deployment. Immediate access to BDR in a Cloud environment with Postgres Cloud Manager from 2ndQuadrant.
  • Pre-defined Configuration. No need for a complex configuration set up process. 
  • Onboarding. Access to our BDR Knowledge Base, online training courses, videos, & webinars. 
  • Support. Access to world-renowned PostgreSQL expertise for your team members.
  • Consulting. Expert advice from BDR specialists for specific use cases.

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Note: This is a paid trial.