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Webinar: PostgreSQL Partitioning

This webinar gave an overview of PostgreSQL partitioning features and how they play a key role in performance improvement of very large databases. Particular use cases were also highlighted, along with taking a look at recent partitioning improvements in open source PostgreSQL and what needs to be done to make PostgreSQL's partitioning feature even better in the future.

This webinar covered the following topics:

  • Overview of PostgreSQL partitioning features
  • Recent Improvements to PostgreSQL partitioning and parallelism
  • Specific use cases and how partitioning works in each case
  • What PostgreSQL partitioning features to expect in the future

Speaker: Simon Riggs | CTO at 2ndQuadrant



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Simon Riggs is the Founder and CTO of 2ndQuadrant. With more than 30 years of experience in the Database Technology industry, he is one of the few major developers and committers to the open source PostgreSQL project having contributed in every release to date. Simon has worked with enterprise-class database applications and uses his operational experience to contribute to many features of PostgreSQL’s internal design and usability. He is also co-author of the “PostgreSQL Administration Cookbook” series.