Mission Critical Databases

Webinar: Being Committed - A Review of Transaction Control Statements [Part 3]

PostgreSQL offers many advanced features that applications can use to store information reliably and efficiently for the longer term. One such feature is the ability to control transactions.

In the last session of this three-part webinar, the following topics were covered:

  • Transactions and Locking: Improve transaction flow by reducing contention
  • The Blind Spot of In-Flight Commit: Recover after failing at the worst time
  • Commit-At-Most-Once: Recover after failing at the worst time, and in the worst way


Webinar Preview A Review of Transaction Control Statements Part 3 by Gianni Ciolli

About the speaker:

Gianni is a PostgreSQL consultant, trainer, and has been a speaker at many PostgreSQL conferences in Europe and abroad over the last 10 years. He has a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Florence. He has worked with free and open source software since the 1990s and is active in the community (Prato Linux User Group and Italian PostgreSQL Users Group). His other interests include music, drama, poetry, and athletics.