Mission Critical Databases

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BDR has become a standard replication solution for all the systems in our company. Any project/application that uses PostgreSQL as the backend database uses BDR by default.

José Calquín Development Engineer, Telefónica del Sur


BDR implemented for phone portability database.

Telefónica del Sur is a Chilean telecommunications company that stands out as a technological pioneer, offering customized solutions for telecommunications networks.

Telefónica del Sur aims to offer their customers across the country an uninterrupted service, where they can always have access to updated data. To ensure an efficient management of data, a high performing, highly available database environment was needed.

Several PostgreSQL replication tools were tested and BDR stood out as the best option for their requirements.

Learn more about how BDR has helped achieve an effective and accurate replication system for geographically distributed Postgres databases.

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