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Webinar: Using SSL with PostgreSQL and pglogical

The webinar was held on November 13, 2019 and covered the following topics:

  • What SSL provides - encryption and authentication
  • Levels of SSL verification
  • Client certificates and server certificates
  • Use of self-signed certificates for testing
  • Creation and use of Certificate Authorities
  • Use of intermediate Certificate authorities
  • SSL cipher suites
  • Server settings for SSL
  • libpq settings for SSL
  • Multi-factor authentication with client certificates
  • Setup of pgbouncer with server and client certificates
  • Delegation of authentication to pgbouncer using a map

Speaker: Andrew Dunstan | PostgreSQL Architect at 2ndQuadrant


Using SSL with PostgreSQL and pgbouncer - Hubspot


Andrew Dunstan has been involved with PostgreSQL since his first contribution in 2003. In 2004 he created the PostgreSQL Build Farm system, which he has maintained ever since. In 2005 he was made a core committer of the PostgreSQL project. Andrew has contributed many features to PostgreSQL including dollar quoting, CSV import and export, PL/Perl enhancements, CSV logging, parallel pg_restore and enum extensibility. He is also one of the contributors to work on the Windows port feature.