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Webinar: All you need to know about CREATE STATISTICS

This webinar was held on 26 February 2020 and give an overview on CREATE STATISTICS in PostgreSQL.

This command allows the database to collect multi-column statistics, helping the optimizer understand dependencies between columns, produce more accurate estimates, and better query plans.

The following key topics were covered during the webinar:

  • Why CREATE STATISTICS is needed
  • How the command helps the optimizer and in query planning
  • Which cases CREATE STATISTICS addresses
  • What improvements related to CREATE STATISTICS are in store for future PostgreSQL versions

Speaker: Tomas Vondra | Database Engineer at 2ndQuadrant

Webinar All you need to know about CREATE STATISTICS_Hubspot

Tomas is a database engineer/developer. He has contributed to the PostgreSQL project for a number of years, mostly as a database engineer/developer, and now also as a committer.