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Webinar: Identity Columns and Generated Columns in PostgreSQL

This webinar was held on 2 April 2020.

This webinar covered Identity Columns and Generated Columns in PostgreSQL, with a focus on real-world use cases and examples.

Identity Columns, rolled out in PostgreSQL 10, offer a standard-conforming and robust way to dynamically create auto-incrementing fields in tables. 

Generated Columns are computed from other columns and were first introduced in PostgreSQL 12. They enable more flexible schema design and performance benefits for your database. Generated Columns can be virtual or stored based on whether they are computed dynamically or not. 

The webinar explored the different types of column methods, how they can be part of your business logic, and explained the difference between “generated always as identity” and “generated by default as identity” in PostgreSQL 12.

Key topics covered in this webinar:

  • Creating Identity Columns
  • Managing Identity Columns
  • Identity Columns vs. other auto-incrementing column methods
  • Creating Generated Columns
  • Stored vs. Virtual columns
  • Replacing triggers with Generated Columns


Webinar- Identity Columns and Generated Columns in PostgreSQL by Peter Eisentraut - HUBSPOT
Peter Eisentraut is a Core Team Member of the PostgreSQL project and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at 2ndQuadrant. Peter is also a Debian developer, open-source hacker, and an occasional book author.