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Webinar: New Features in PostgreSQL 11

This webinar presented a preview of the  features of PostgreSQL 11, the latest version of the world's most advanced open source relational database, released on October 2018 by the PostgreSQL Global Development Group. Some of the topics presented in this webinar are listed below:

  • Introduction to PostgreSQL 11
  • Improvements to partitioning and parallelism
  • Stored procedures
  • JIT compilation
  • Security
  • Plans for PostgreSQL 12

Speaker: Peter Eisentraut | Major PostgreSQL Contributor, 2ndQuadrant


New Features In PostgreSQL 11 by Peter Eisentraut_Large

Peter Eisentraut is a committer & core team member of the PostgreSQL project, and Deputy Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at 2ndQuadrant. Peter is also a Debian developer, open source hacker and an occasional book author.