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Webinar: Postgres Vacuuming Through Pictures

This webinar was held on 24 July 2019 and covered key concepts of Postgres Vacuum and Autovacuum. It included extensive use of diagrams, illustrations, and animations to present Postgres Vacuum and tuning Postgres Vacuum concepts as well as real life stories demonstrating how tuning vacuum properly makes a difference in database performance.

Primary topics covered in this webinar were:

  • Overview
  • Key Concepts behind Vacuum and Autovacuum
  • Vacuum Operations
  • Tuning Vacuum for Postgres deployment
  • Real-life examples of Tuning Vacuum

Speaker: Tom Kincaid | General Manager North America, 2ndQuadrant


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Tom Kincaid has been developing, deploying, and supporting Database Systems and Enterprise Software for over 25 years. He has overseen the design and delivery of numerous Postgres training solutions along with the deployment of PostgreSQL at both major Fortune 100 financial institutions and military facilities all over the world. Teams under Tom's management have delivered major features that have since become part of PostgreSQL core. He has overseen the design and successful delivery of High Availability products for PostgreSQL and other types of databases. Tom is the founder of the Boston PostgreSQL Meetup group, which has grown to over 130 members in under 3 years.