Webinar: Why PostgreSQL is the Best Database for Developers

Kirk Roybal presented the case for why PostgreSQL is the product you want to invest your skills in for the future. The talk focused on development in and around PostgreSQL, but makes a very good case for administrators and integrators as well.  You will be ahead of the game if you read the article “PostgreSQL is the World’s Best Database” before the presentation. 


Kirk Roybal

Kirk Roybal is a Principal Consultant at 2ndQuadrant. He is a long time PostgreSQL DBA and published author for PostgreSQL. Kirk has used and overseen the implementation of PostgreSQL to manage financial systems, nuclear reactors, military ordinance, and hospital information systems.

Kirk is also the founder and frequent speaker at the Dallas/Fort Worth PostgreSQL Meetup Group. With over 300 members, the DFW PostgreSQL User Group is one of the largest in the USA.

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