Mission Critical Databases

Webinar: You forgot to put the WHERE in DELETE?

Accidents happen. A user accidentally deletes data, a junior (or not-so-junior) DBA drops a table, or there’s simply a bug in the code that was deployed which is causing you to lose data. If you’ve done your homework, you don’t have to worry (well, you need to worry, but not as much). 

Martín discussed Disaster Recovery options in Postgres and how PITR can help in certain scenarios. 

The webinar covered the following key topics:

  • Description of database backups
  • Types of backups you can take from a PostgreSQL server
  • Different use cases for backups
  • Disaster scenarios and best ways to recover from them
  • Things to consider when taking backups

Speaker: Martín Marqués | Head of Support Operations at 2ndQuadrant

You forgot to put the WHERE in DELETE - Hubspot

Martín Marqués works as Head of Support Operations at 2ndQuadrant. He has a Bachelors in Mathematics, and started using Linux and Open Source software in 1997. Since 2000, he's been working as a DBA, database programmer, and web programmer, with PostgreSQL as the main database of choice. He is a regular speaker at Open Source software conferences in Argentina and Chile. One of his main roles within the local PostgreSQL community is to run training for several agencies of the state, universities, and the general public.